Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What services does One Source Medical Supply provide?
One Source Medical Supply LLC provides quick and discreet delivery of your diabetic testing supplies and medical equipment right to your home at no cost to you. We will conveniently refill and deliver your supplies every 90 days right to your door. This saves you time from traveling to your local pharmacy and waiting in lines.

Q. How does your program work?
Our Customer Care Team will do all the work for you from checking with your insurance to make sure you're covered, filling out all the insurance forms, contacting your doctor for your prescriptions and billing your insurance company.

Q. How do I know if I'm Eligible?
Call our Customer Care Team at (888) 258-7080 and we can let you know if you are eligible with one quick call.

Q. Do I need to fill out insurance forms?
As a participating Medicare and Private insurance provider, One Source Medical Supply will fill out all forms for you and bill your insurance company directly.

Q. What does Medicare cover? What will the supplies cost me?
In general, if you are a qualified Medicare beneficiary, Medicare will cover 80% of the cost of your medical supplies (co-payment and deductibles may apply). You may be covered for the remaining portion if you have secondary or supplemental insurance.

Q. What is included in the initial shipment?
Based on your doctor's order, your initial shipment will include:

  • Blood glucose meter (including batteries)
  • Test Strips
  • Control Solution
  • Lancing Device
  • Lancets

Q. What's included in a refill shipment?
Your refill shipments will include 3 month supply of the following, based on your doctor's order:

  • Test Strips
  • Control Solution
  • Lancets

Q. Do you offer any other products or services?
We offer quality orthotic braces for ankle, back, knee, and wrist. We offer electric and manual powered lifting cushions to help lift you from your chair. We also provide supplies for your catheter, CPAP supplies and erectile dysfunction pumps.

Q. Are there delivery charges?
No. One Source Medical Supply will ship your supplies directly to your home through FedEx or the USPS.

Q. What is the return policy?
Products in their original condition may be returned within 30 days from the date you received your order. We cannot accept opened, partially used items or expired products. It you try a product and are unsatisfied with the products performance, please contact our Customer Service Department for assistance at (888) 258-7080.
All returns that are in compliance with this policy will be accepted and your health insurance company will be refunded in a timely manner. Any returned products that are opened, partially used, damaged, visibly worn or expired will be returned to you and may be billed at the approved amount stipulated by Medicare or you're insurance provider in your state.

Q. Do One Source Medical Supply accept Private Insurance?
Yes. Click here to see list of insurances.

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